Thursday, December 27, 2012


The Amulets of Seramon

Seramon, ancient priest of Thebes, has lain in state in a French museum since 1851. He died 3000 years ago, a royal scribe and a middle-class Egyptian of importance who wore an impressive necklace of amulets as protection against real and imagined dangers. His embalmers, according to their custom, wrapped additional protective amulets in linen and placed them on and in his abdominal and thoracic cavities after they removed his organs. None of these artifacts has ever seen the light of day. Seramon’s mummy remains intact and undisturbed.
In January 2007, an ambulance carried Seramon from the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology through the streets of Besançon to the University Hospital, where Dr. Samuel Mérigeaud was waiting in the Radiology Department. Seramon’s amulets had become the subject of Mérigeaud’s doctoral thesis in radiology. He needed detailed, realistic 3D images derived from CT scan data. This is a specialty of I.M.A SOLUTIONS, a French team of physicians and imaging experts who combine medical imaging expertise with a passion for Egyptology. Benjamin Moreno, a I.M.A SOLUTIONS co-founder, tells us about this collaboration and how the remarkable images of Seramon’s amulets were created.
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