Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sara Pedigo, Artist

Friend and colleague Sara Pedigo is a prolific painter.  I am always intrigued with Sara's paintings: I examine each brushstroke, study the play of color and light. I admire the elegance in her work: figurative poses and domestic scenes are portrayed to communicate grace and solitude. I think Sara's work is generous in that she takes such great care to share those moments of being that we often overlook and take for granted.

Much more to see on her website,

Steel, Felt and Dye

This is NOT fun. Polishing steel poles with steel wool. Five more to go.

Hard to see in the above picture, but these babies are shiny.

Felt drying.

More felt drying.

Some results from last weekend's Dye Fest - that took place in my garage.  Once I have dye baths set up, it is difficult not to use all the dye.  As a result, I have a large collection of dyed yarns and fabrics. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Great Directors

"Great Directors, directed by Angela Ismailos, features conversations with ten of the world's greatest living directors: Bernardo Bertolucci, David Lynch, Liliana Cavani, Stephen Frears, Agnes Varda, Ken Loach, Todd Haynes, Catherine Breillat, Richard Linklater and John Sayles. The film documents Ismailos' voyage of discovering the creative personalities behind the camera. She explores the filmmakers' artistic evolution and personal identity, the role of politics and history on their work, and the agony and dilemmas in the creative process. It also examines the challenges of being an artist in an age of commercialism and globalization. The film traces the influence of cinematic movements and iconic directors on these directors' work-from the role of Neo-Realism in Bertolucci's evolution to the influence of Federico Fellini on David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman on Catherine Breillat and Rainer Werner Fassbinder on Todd Haynes". Written byAnonymous  from the imdb site.

Hand Drawing Collective

Found a wonderful drawing blog.  A few of my favorites are below.  
More to see on the blog.  Link here.

 Cendrine Rovini

Jane O'Sullivan

Jenny Brown

Jacksonville Arboretum

Scouting out locations for my site-specific work. Excited to be part of an event that has 25 sculptors installing on the grounds of the arboretum.  As I post these images, I realize I did not photograph the sites I selected.  These images are from the Rosemary Ridge section and lake area.

My ideas for this project are inspired by the research I collected from the book “Oak: The Frame of Civilization” by William Bryant Logan. 

Sculpture #1, Tree Markers – Sanded and carved sticks are leaned against a tree.  The number of sticks will depend on the size of the tree.  Sticks will vary be approximately 4 feet.  The leaning of sticks around a tree was a method used to mark trees for acorn gathering. 
Sculpture #2, Post Office – A handwritten letter placed inside a recessed area of a tree.  The letter will read as a poem with a nature theme. During the Civil War, trees were used as makeshift post offices. 
Sculpture #3, Precious  – Throwing precious objects in fens, lakes, wells, and rivers was a common tradition from Neolithic to the Bronze Age. I will be working with mirrors in a creek that has a walk over foot bridge. 

AJ, Age 11

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Evening Dye Baths

 I have colored, plastic bins I use to mix the dye.  These images shot from above.