Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recommended Books from Design Observer

Notes and Imagery, The Gaze

December, 2014
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Indigo Blue by Ann Hamilton

Renaissance Dyeing

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Aurora Silk



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Lakbay for the FOB Show

"Lakbay" developed by Lorna Chui Velasco for
The FOB Show

Friday, September 17, 2010

Journey of a Voyage to New South Wales

Eva Hesse


I purchased raw cotton from Cottonman. Link here to their website. 

Imagination Squared, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art

Dolf James and Christina Foard initiated ImaginationSquared: The Creative Response Experiment during one of their monthly critique sessions. In Dolf's studio there are gessoed boxes lying around for use in his sculpture. Christina suggested each artist that visits be encouraged to paint a box while chatting. The boxes would be hung in a grid on the wall and as it grew it would become more compelling. One thing led to another and the decision was made to build hundreds of them and try and get a box into the hands of every artist in the Jacksonville area creating a huge grid to hang in a public location. The result will be a snapshot of Jacksonville's imagination.

Paint, felt,thread, pearl.

Egyptian Paint Box

Little Giant Girl Doll and The Sultan's Elephant by Royal de Luxe

Color Wheels

Victoria Finlay

I am extremely envious of Finlay. For this book Finlay traveled the world researching the history of the world's first colors. Travel, research, science, art, history - a few of my favorite things. I am always interested in finding a source and discovering connections. 

A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman

An important book for me is A Natural History of the Senses.  There is a wonderful chapter in the book on "Touch".  I have my beginning sculpture students read the chapter to point out that we rely on more than one sense to understand and communicate.

Link here for Diane Ackerman's website.