Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Collaborative Kentucky Drawing Project

The project highlights contributions made by three women made to science within the state of Kentucky. I am collaborating with Kentucky artists to produce a drawing collection that represents specimens associated with Wharton, Price and Braun. The drawing collection will be on view November 2019 at the Anne Wright Wilson Gallery, Georgetown College, Kentucky.

Mary E. Wharton

Over 400 specimens for Wharton in the New York Botanical Garden database. 
Two links, each provides a different search format. 

Images of specimens and illustrations from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Link below to Plant Illustrations by Sarah Sadie Francis Price.

Link below to Herbarium Specimens associated with Sarah Sadie Frances Price.

E. Lucy Braun

200 specimens for Braun can be found at the New York Botanical Gardens. 
Two links, each provides a different search format.

If interested in participating, please contact

Participants from all over Kentucky produced drawings in response to the specimens 
of Wharton, Price and Braun. 
208 Drawings, Black and White Media on Paper
On exhibit at Georgetown College