Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I don't have a source for this image.

Things that...

Things that you believe.
Things that you follow.
Things that you want.
Things that you need.
Things that you try.
Things that you see.
Things that you touch.
Things that you feel.
Things that you hear.
Things that you are.
Things that are tired.
Things that are old.
Things that are new.
Things that are sad.
Things that are scary.
Things that want to escape.
Things that don't know.
Things that can't see.
Things that you didn't hear.
Things that you didn't see.
Things that you didn't feel.
Things that were said.
Things that were given.
Things that you were told.
Things that wont go away.
Things that speak.
Things that walk around.
Things that slip away.
Things that stay forever.
Things that are not available.
Things that are hidden.
Things that are whispered.
Things that float away.
Things that slip away.
Things that are little.
Things that are quiet.
Things that are safe.
Things that taken away.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Things from...

Things from the workbench.
Things from the backyard.
Things from the sky.
Things from memory.
Things from the cathedral.
Things from the bookshelf.
Things from before.
Things from a long time ago.
Things from the rain.
Things from home.
Things from you.
Things from yesterday.
Things from tomorrow.
Things from the floor.
Things from the drawer.
Things from the closet.
Things from the nightmare.
Things from the playground.
Things from the workshop.
Things from the bookstore.
Things from the garage.
Things from the attic.
Things from the past.
Things from that time.
Things from the back of the bus.
Things from the river.
Things from the sky.
Things from unknown sources.
Things from a tiny place.
Things from a big space.
Things from a small house.
Things from a little person.
Things from a glass jar.
Things from a missing person.
Things from a dark night.
Things from an early morning.
Things from the journey.
Things from a glass house.
Things from a brick wall.
Things from a sleeping beauty.
Things from the earth.
Things from the ocean.
Things from under the pillow.
Things from your distant relative.
Things from yourself.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Small Home Stoup

Not to be hung, placed by bedside.  Probably France and probably around 1900.  Source is Wiki media.

Research slow on this one. I am getting a lot of "soup" recipes. So, I have been making these bowl like forms, sometimes "shell-like" in appearance, for awhile now. My intent was to put water in them, as I made them out of material that would hold water, but somehow that idea kept getting put on the back burner. I do remember seeing home stoups when I was a kid - I think in my grandmother's house. I am interested in the time and care one takes to make one these and the need/desire people have/had to keep in their home. I am assuming there was a time when these items were massed produced. Most likely home stoups were mass produced after the Industrial Revolution - which I am assuming the one above is an example of. The structure was created to hold Holy Water so people could bless themselves in their home - most usually at night, before bed. Holy Water warded off evil spirits and forgave sins. So, this concept, of Holy Water, makes it necessary to construct this form. The form is literally a container for the idea. The object provides a service needed to satisfy a need/desire. Who created the need/desire? And why do people believe?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rabbit's Foot

Why and how do objects hold memory for us? I remembered when I was kid that I had a rabbit's foot. With this memory I realized how awful it is to have an animal part for good luck - although the rabbit's foot may not have been real. I remember running my hands over the form and feeling the nails. I think my memory was jogged by scratching Buttercup (the dog) and then playing with her feet. Anyway, my interest in why we make and keep objects has been propelled since I started teaching visual culture. I also noticed that when I go to museum's I am taking a lot of images of objects for good luck, afterlife, etc... Egypt, 19th century sailors decorating carved whale bones for their loved one to insert in their corset.

Victorian silver mounted rabbit's foot charm.  

The sense of touch, sense of space. The small objects I make are all about the sense of touch. I am interested in how we have always made objects to label us and remind us. Touching these objects equally important as seeing them. Diane Ackerman's book, A Natural History of the Senses is discusses all the senses. Also, Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial is important here - she gave us a monument to touch. I am more interested in the smaller, intimate objects of a culture - the objects we stow away, we hide, we keep near us, we wear on our body. The objects we assign meaning to.