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St. Johns River, Florida, USA

Begins10 miles southwest of Melbourne, Florida. Swampy area known as Lake Hell 'n Blazes. 

Map of the lower St. Johns printed in 1876

Florida platform (outer boundary) as it appeared the first time humans inhabited the peninsula

The hydrologic cycle in Florida, showing the Floridan aquifer and formation of springs and sinkholes.

An extremely rare Timucua owl totem, found buried in muck near Hontoon Island,
on display at 
Fort Caroline National Memorial

-Longest river in Florida, 310 miles long. Largest point 3 miles wide. Flows through 12 counties.
-Three river basins and two watersheds.
-Used to transport freight - due to size.
-Flows north. Unusual. Fewer than 30 rivers in US flow north. Slight slope in river where meets Atlantic. Causes a lazy river.
-Slowest river in the world.
-Begins as a network of marshes - predominately fresh water. Becomes brackish near Jax where sea water is pushed into river.
-Linked to 14 lakes and numerous Florida springs.
Source Castaways on the River

Map of St. Johns River Florida South of Palatka 1876
On the St. John's River, Florida 1848
Seth Eastman, American, 1808-1875
Source: Art Net
Old City Map, Jacksonville, St. John's River Florida 1791

St. Johns' River, Florida
Thomas Moran
1881, Etching on Paper
Hudson River School
Source Gilcrease Museum

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