Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tomb of the Red Queen

The sarcophagus[edit]

The archaeologists carefully lifted the lid of the sarcophogus by twenty centimeters, a laborious process which took fourteen hours. Inside they found the remains of a woman lying on her back. Her skeleton was covered and surrounded by a large collection of jade and pearlobjects, bone needles and shells, which were originally pieces of necklaces, earspools and wristlets. Around the skull was a diadem made of flat circular jade beads, and the malachite pieces of what had been a funeral mask. In the chest area of the skeleton were more flat jade beads and four obsidian blades. In addition, there was a tiny limestone figurine inside a seashell.
The skeleton, the collection of objects and the inside of the sarcophogus were entirely covered with a bright red dust made of cinnabar, or the ground ore of mercury.[3]

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