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Post #10, March 27

This semester, Spring 2016, I am posting specific information each week so as to parallel the postings of my senior students. Each week students are required to post three inspiration images, new work and a reading/writing response. 

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Maya Lin installation at Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C. 
Folding the Chesapeake

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Maya Lin from Design Boom. Link here.

with an interest in human intervention in the landscape, american artist maya lin considers the earth’s disappearing natural features for her ‘bodies of water’ series. working together with a map company, lin has created a series of seascape sculptures that visualize detailed, underwater topographic information of the red, black and caspian seas. rendered in stratified plywood layers and balancing carefully on pedestals, the large-scale works depict the seas’ scaled volumes as a three-dimensional mass, suggesting that there is more to these natural landscapes than typically meets the eye.

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It was one of the most bitterly disputed public monuments in American history. Only 21 when her design for the Washington, D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial was chosen in 1981, Maya Lin has never shied away from controversy. Her starkly simple slash of polished black granite inscribed with the 57,661 names of those who died in Vietnam was viciously attacked as “dishonorable,” “a scar,” and “a black hole,” but Lin remained committed to her vision, and the Memorial, a moving tribute to sacrifice and quiet heroism, was built as planned. Since then, Lin has completed a succession of eloquent, startlingly original monuments and sculptures that confront vital American social issues. Freida Lee Mock’s Academy Award® winning feature documentary follows a decade in the life of this visionary artist. Source is PBS, Documentaries with a point of view. Link here.

The drawing Maya Lin submitted for the call to public art for Vietnam Memorial.

New Work:
Still stitching on this red piece. 

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