Sunday, September 13, 2015


Detail of  stitching with silk and cotton thread on felt I dyed with ink.
Been working on this piece for, oh, almost three years now. 

Detail. Ink and metallic thread on faux fur. 

Detail. Cotton quilting thread on faux fur. 
Detail. Light and shadow on fabric. 
Detail. Waxed cotton, thread.
Ceramic forms (small) dipped in wax and paper forms painted in gesso
placed on black felt stitched with cotton thread.
Arrangement made by Amelia Eldridge during a studio visit. 
Detail. Thread, faux fur, ink.
Detail. Silk, cotton, metallic thread, felt. 
Detail. Thread, felt, dye, faux fur. 
Detail. Ink, thread, felt.
Detail. Silk and cotton thread, felt.
Detail. Silk, cotton and metallic thread, felt.
Detail. Thread, tracing paper.
Detail. Gold thread, felt. 
Detail. Wax, cotton, thread, felt.
Detail. Ink on chiffon.
Detail. Ink on chiffon.
Detail. Gesso, thread, colored pencil on tracing paper.
Detail. Gesso, charcoal on tracing paper with pin prick holes.
Detail. Paint, gesso, charcoal on paper.
Detail. Charcoal and pencil on gessoed paper.

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