Monday, May 26, 2014

Objects and Memory

While on-line researching the significance of tangible objects.  I came across this article, Objects and Memory, about the recently opened 9/11 Museum in New York City. Below is an excerpt:

"Why do people associate thoughts and feelings with tangible symbols, and how is it that such ordinary objects become so important? What is it that transforms and elevates these things? In the film, authors, archivists, museum curators, experts from academia, and members of police and fire rescue teams offer insight into the human need to affirm community and continuity in the face of upheaval. These perspectives shed light on the process of building and retaining memories through inanimate objects — both in the retrieving of personal effects of the deceased and in the placing of symbolic tokens at the site of a tragedy."

Read full article on PBS.  Link here

Objects and Memory was produced by Jonathan Fein and Brian Danitz of EVER. Learn more about meaningful objects and the Objects and Memory educational initiative at

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