Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dancing in the Streets by Barbara Ehrenreich

"Just as we were acquiring the ability to argue and rationalize, we needed a more primitive emotional mechanism to bond our large groups...Something deeper and more emotional was needed to overpower the cold logic of verbal arguments.  It seems that we needed music and physical touch to do that."

"The fact that the Greeks felt the need for such a deity tells us something about the importance of ecstatic experience in their world; just as their pantheon included gods for love, for war, for agriculture, metalworking, and hunting, they needed a god to give the experience of ecstasy a human form and face."  Objects - what we can't understand we make human and then scale it down to miniature (small scale statues of saints) or produce a two-dimensional image.  So that we can see and touch  - seeing and touching reminds us, comforts us and can control us.

"...the repression of festivities was, in a sense, a by-product of the emergence of capitalism." Middle class - calculate and save, defer gratification.  Lower class - factory-ready, fewer holidays, work six days a week.  

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