Sunday, August 12, 2018

Shell Mounds and Middens

1894 Sketch of Shell Mounds (Partial) - Courtesy of the former Volusia Museum - February 2001 - Beth Vining

Temple Mound at Crystal River, Fl Photo supplied by the University of South Florida

From "Certain Sand Mounds of the St. Johns River, Florida" by Clarence B. Moore,  May 22, 1894 and Published for the Harvard College Library.  
" It is probable that certain mounds were used as look-out stations, and possibly all in later times served for domiciliary purposes. The great mound at Tick Island, has an altitude of over 17ft, while the famous Mt. Royal, with a circumference of 555 ft, is in area approached by no mound on the St. Johns  river. 

Above images and text sourced from St. John's River Historical Society. Link here

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